20 Halloween Movies That Won’t Give Your Kids Nightmares

The ultimate issue you want after a late night time of trick-or-treating and a sugar overdose is a further frame to your mattress. Strive these 15 own family-friendly movies so as to come up with a night time of a laugh with out the fright.

Monsters, inc.

Loveable monsters mike and sulley get the scare in their existence while a human lady, boo, stumbles into their global of quirky characters and stupid screams.

Rating: g

Scare rating: right for every age

Monsters university

Who knew monsters had to have a look at and learn how to scare? Be a part of mike and sully as they navigate college, compete in a opposition to turn out to be the closing scarer, and try and get regular to the scare software at monsters university.

Score: g

Scare score: desirable for all ages

It’s the wonderful pumpkin, charlie brown

Be a part of charlie and the crowd for some other peanuts traditional excursion special in which linus spends a night within the pumpkin patch waiting for the awesome and magical first-rate pumpkin.

Score: not rated

Scare score: proper for all ages

Hocus pocus

After 3 centuries, the sanderson sisters are lower back with a vengeance and out to scouse borrow the existence of all the children in salem. And it’s up to a few youngsters, a speakme cat, and a zombie to forestall them.

Score: pg

Scare rating: witchcraft, zombies, and black magic make this film better appropriate for visitors 9 and up.

The ghost and mr. Hen

Aspiring reporter and city screw-up luther heggs thinks he has stuck his ruin when he is asked to put in writing approximately the anniversary of the mysterious simmons’ murders. However while he’s forced to spend a night inside the decrepit simmons mansion, luther quickly realizes this story is probably past his skills and beyond this world!

Score: g

Scare score: though lightened with humor, this movie has a few spooky and suspenseful scenes better desirable for visitors 9 and up.


Jack skellington discovers a new way of dwelling because the undead when he tumbles from his global of halloweentown into the startling but clean world of christmastown.

Score: pg

Scare score: directed by using tim burton, this movie has a few darkish and ghoulish characters higher perfect for a while eight and up.

Bedknobs and broomsticks
After being relocated to a small village all through wwii, three youngsters discover that their new hostess has a bewitching mystery. Whisked away on a mystical mattress, these kids travel to the mesmerizing global of naboombu in which they find out an journey they never anticipated.

Rating: g

Scare rating: right for all ages

Kat isn’t happy about her pass to the cobwebby whipstaff manor, mainly while she learns the house is infested with ghosts. However kat soon realizes that there are positive perks to having those ghoulish pests as pals.

Score: pg

Scare rating: though low on the scare rating scale, casper consists of some jokes and content material better proper for viewers seven and up.

Harry potter

Whether in azkaban, the chamber of secrets and techniques, or hogwarts, the harry potter series offers the correct setting for celebrating halloween with a little magic and surprise.

Rating: pg to pg-thirteen

Scare score: at the same time as each harry potter flick has its virtues, the movies do accentuate in suspense and adult content as the collection is going on, so take into account of your kids’ ages as you select which harry potter movie works first-class for your own family.

Wallace & gromit: the curse of the had been-rabbit

For the duration of the once a year massive vegetable competition, problem is brewing for wallace and gromit. Join those heroes as they are trying to tune down a large rabbit who is been eating all the contestants’ entries.

Score: g

Scare score: this movie is full of amusing and journey, but it does emerge as suspenseful and has a few images that might be frightening for young children. It’s far great suited for a long time 7 and up.

E.T. The more-terrestrial

After coming across an otherworldly guest in his device shed, elliot lures his newfound pal domestic handiest to discover that this greater-terrestrial is trying to get returned to a domestic of his personal. You can in no way move wrong with this traditional complete of own family, unexpected friendship, and flights throughout a full moon.

Rating: pg

Scare score: though low on frights, this movie has a few extreme scenes and language that may not be suitable for younger viewers.


On halloween night time, marnie receives the surprise of her life whilst her grandmother, aggie, tells her she’s a witch. Whilst aggie takes marnie lower back to her domestic in halloweentown to begin witch education, marnie discovers a whole lot more than her hidden powers on this city full of haunting creatures and circle of relatives secrets.

Rating: g

Scare rating: at the same time as smooth, this film has a dark villain that might be scary for young youngsters. This film is recommended for visitors seven and up.

Pooh’s heffalump movie
After listening to extraordinary trumpeting noises and discovering heffalump footprints in the hundred acre woods, winnie the pooh recruits the help of his pals tigger, rabbit, and piglet to capture the beast.

Rating: g

Scare rating: right for every age

Hotel transylvania

It’s now not every day a human finally ends up at depend dracula’s highly-priced resort. At the eve of his daughter’s 118th birthday, dracula unearths himself faced with an sudden birthday surprise—a young man he hopes he can keep his daughter from falling hopelessly in love with.

Score: pg

Scare rating: this movie has each jokes and spooky scenes that make it nice suited for audiences six and up.

Hoteltransylvania 2

The monsters from hotel transylvania are returned with new challenges and jokes! Hoping his new grandson may be equally as monsterlike has him, count dracula babysits and attempts to coax his grandson into being a right vampire.

Score: pg

Scare score: this film has jokes and amusing instances, but it is high-quality proper for audiences six and up.

The haunted mansion

After an unexpected hurricane, the evers family reveals themselves trapped in a spooky, antique mansion for the night time. Along side secret passages, crystal balls, and creepy crypts, the own family soon stumbles upon a secret that would exchange the existence of their own family all the time.

Rating: pg

Scare score: among the undead, ghosts, and eddie murphy’s comedy, this film is better perfect for viewers nine and up.

The legend of sleepy hole
This funny twist on washington irving’s notorious story follows the journey of schoolmaster, ichabod crane, as he tries to outrun the haunting fable of the headless horseman.

Rating: no longer rated

Scare rating: the darkish themes and spooky setting for this film make it better acceptable for viewers 8 and up.

Tower of terror
How can five people trapped in an elevator vanish into skinny air? It’s a mystery disgraced reporter buzzy crocker is determined to crack which will get back within the true graces of the newspaper global.

Score: no longer rated

Scare rating: witchcraft and ghoulish ghosts make for content material that might be frightening to younger youngsters. This film is suggested for visitors nine and up.

The adventures of ichabod and mr. Toad
A two in a single function, ichabod and mr. Toad tell the story of the wind within the willows by kenneth grahame and the legend of sleepy hollow by using washington irving in this amusing and mild flick. Mr. Toad, a wayward tourist, receives into a host of trouble whilst he will become inquisitive about the newly launched motor cars. Meanwhile, ichabod the brand new schoolmaster within the small city of sleepy hole and brom the town hero vye for the affections of the wealthy katrina.

Rating: g

Scare rating: some darkish and frightening pics might be provoking to young kids. This film is suggested for audiences 7 and up.

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