3 Ways to Do Zipper Face Halloween Makeup

The zippered face makeup appearance is a daunting (and disgusting) look for halloween! If you are seeking out something that will scare and provoke your buddies, then this is a high-quality choice. It’s miles quite simple to get this look. You just need a few unique make-up objects and a zip!


Getting your make-up ready

Accumulate your materials. Developing the zippered face makeup look is straightforward, however you do want some unique gadgets to do it. Before you get began, you’ll need:[1]
Liquid latex
Makeup sponges
Cotton balls, squares, or rounds
Pink face paint
Red eye shadow and/or lipstick
Skin safe adhesive
Petroleum jelly


Trim off the excess fabric from the zipper. Cut off the material round the edges of the zipper. In any other case, it can appearance quite apparent that you have a cloth zipper glued on your face. After you finish trimming of the fabric round the rims of the zipper, reduce the lowest element off of the zipper.[2]
If you may be putting the zipper at an perspective for your face, then you could want to trim one facet of the zipper to be shorter than any other.

Hint the zipper. If you have determined in which to location your zipper, use your eyeliner pencil to hint the vicinity in the zipper. You have to hint a v-form so that the zipper will seem like it’s miles genuinely unzipping your face.[3]
Test with one-of-a-kind placements of the zipper on your face to decide in which you need it to move.


Pull apart a cotton rectangular. You can use bits of cotton fluff to help you create texture to your pores and skin. This may supply your skin a lumpy, bumpy appearance so one can be extra sensible than easy purple pores and skin.[4]
Pull apart a cotton rectangular, ball, or round and set the cotton pieces aside. You will use them when you practice the liquid latex on your skin.

Blend crimson lipstick with petroleum jelly. Petroleum jelly mixed with a bit of crimson lipstick will help you to create a glittery finish in your pores and skin. This may make the pink textured make-up seem more sensible, as though the wound is sparkling.[5]
You could also upload in a little black or brown eyeliner or eyeshadow to darken the colour.

Creating the zippered look

Practice a layer of liquid latex to the area internal of the zipper. When you are geared up, practice a layer of liquid latex to the place in among the lines you have drawn. Use a make-up applicator to dab the liquid latex in your pores and skin, while averting the areas round your eyes, nostril, and mouth.[6]
Do no longer put liquid latex on your eyelids! It isn’t k to use on or close to your eyes.

Add some chunks of cotton to create texture. After you finish making use of the primary layer of liquid latex, start adding a few chunks of cotton for your skin and dab extra liquid latex over them. This could supply your skin masses of texture to create a greater practical look.[7]
Keep including cotton portions and liquid latex until you are happy with the effects.


Cowl the liquid latex with crimson face paint. Subsequent, you’ll want to cover up the lumpy white palette you have created. Use your pink face makeup to cover up those regions. You could use multiple colours of red and even a few brown or black to create dimension.[8]
For example, you could do a layer of red, and then use a few darker red to make a few areas stand out greater. You may additionally dab on and mix in a few brown and black around clumps of cotton to present them the arrival of blood clots.

Use crimson eyeshadow in your eyelids. Remember that you do now not want to place the liquid latex for your eyes. But, if you have decided to place the zipper in order that it’s far around your eyes, then you will need to make certain that your eyes combination in with the rest of your face.[9]
Apply some purple eyeshadow to your eyelids and to the regions below your eyelids. You can should use a couple of layers, but this may be the safest manner to coloration your eyelids.
In case you are making use of the zipper around your mouth, then try carrying a few purple lipstick that suits the other face make-up.

Glue the zipper onto the outside of the red region. Whilst your make-up is entire, you may glue at the zipper. Use some pores and skin secure adhesive to glue the zipper onto the place you traced. Ensure that you use sufficient glue to hold the zipper in place.[10]

Apply the purple petroleum jelly over the pink face paint. To finish your appearance, you could practice some of the red petroleum jelly you created. Apply the jelly to the purple regions of your pores and skin to provide it a glittery, moist blood look.[11]
If the petroleum jelly is simply too brilliant or in case you by chance follow an excessive amount of, then simply use a paper towel to softly dab a number of it away.
The usage of liquid latex properly

Do a patch check. If you are allergic to latex, you then ought to not use liquid latex at all. However, if you aren’t allergic, then it have to be quality. Since the skin to your face is greater touchy than on different regions of your frame, it’s far nonetheless an amazing idea to perform a patch take a look at.[12]
To perform a patch test, apply a small amount of liquid latex to the skin on your face, such as on one in all your cheeks. After half-hour, do away with it. If your skin looks regular immediately after and does no longer broaden redness or inflammation over the following 24 hours, ten it need to be ok to apply.[13] however, if you expand itchiness, redness, or some other signs and symptoms of inflammation, then do no longer use liquid latex.

Apply a layer of lotion to your skin first. Coating the skin in your face with a layer of lotion will help to defend it and make it less difficult to eliminate the liquid latex while you are completed. Use your traditional face lotion to coat your face in a skinny layer of lotion.[14]

Hold it away from your eyes, nostril, and mouth. Liquid latex isn’t safe to place on or near your eyes due to the hazard of having it into your eyes. It’s also now not safe to position for your lips or nostrils. Maintain the liquid latex away from those regions.[15]

Avoid getting the liquid latex on your hair. Liquid latex peels off of your skin without problems when you are finished, however it’s going to now not come out without problems if it receives into your hair. You may even become having to shave off some of your hair to get it out.[16]
To keep away from having to reduce or shave your hair, keep your hair away from the liquid latex.

Practice the look. It’d take a few instances to get it just right, and working with liquid latex takes a touch practice. Attempt it out, take images or videos, and improve upon your design every time you strive it.

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