35 Disgusting and Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas

This Halloween, be gorgeous in a different way with these unique makeup ideas and be the star of every party you will attend. We gathered these photos with the highest number of repins just to give you the best get up this year. What are you waiting for? Browse through the photos, grab your makeup kit and practice now before Halloween comes!

Oh my gosh, this is both creepy and gross. As I type this, I can’t help but to look away coz I can’t stand the sight of that bloody mouth… Nevertheless, a very scary and totally mind-blowing Halloween makeup. Thumbs up! That’s probably why it got more than 1.6K repins.

This give me creeps! Oh my… I can’t stand the sight of this morbid, disgustingly made Halloween make-up. It looks so realistic that it will definitely give me a heart attack when I encounter this. So good!
Okay, this totally freaked me out! I have to type this with my one eye close (as if it will make it go away, LOL) but what the heck, this is so scary! If I am going to look at this for more than a minute, this will definitely haunt me in my sleep!

This will make you look like the beautiful Wednesday Adams on Halloween! Not all Halloween get ups and makeups need to make you look horrifying and scary. I like this, I’m sure these 5.8K people who repinned this loved it too!

This is so disgusting and gross, at the same time, impressive! It looks so real that you’ll think the girl really lost its eye. Oh my, so cool!

Oh my gosh, this Halloween make up’s so good I can’t even see the person’s lips! This is truly creative and spooky. I will surely scream if I see suddenly someone wearing this makeup on a dark place on Halloween! Now I see why this got 2450 repins.
I was searching for tutorials on how to do the Corpse Bride’s make up and saw this pin with 493 repins! It’s fantastic and very easy to do because of the step-by-step tutorial. I’m going to the nearest mall now to purchase body paint for this one.

Awesome Halloween makeup, indeed! Cool kids’ makeup for Halloween parties! I was searching for unique Halloween makeup ideas because I’m tired of the fairy and princess costume and found this photo with 1108 pins. Now I know why this got more than 1K pins

Cool! No wonder this pin got 2639 repins since it was posted. It’s a pretty complicated Halloween makeup to do but I sure would like to try this one for Halloween! Hoping to find a tutorial for this one.

This confused my eyes for a moment. It is well-drawn and very impressive. Cool yet scary halloween makeup.

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