Halloween Date Night Ideas (Couple Who Hate Halloween)

Holy pumpkins, halloween is that this weekend. Um, excuse me, october? In which the heck do you suspect you’re going? Rumor has it the starbucks iciness menu is surfacing sunday, and that i don’t suppose i’m emotionally prepared to bust out michael buble’s “all i need for christmas is you” yet. #sos

Aiiiiiiiight, confession time: i hate halloween.

Nicely, i guess “hate” is a sturdy word…i simply in reality virtually definitely (certainly) may want to do with out the cheesy plastic decorations and uber-faux blood and risque costumes. However there *is* a shiny aspect to this “vacation”: meals. In particular, candy. And now that i’m supposedly an “person,” the fiance and i’ve discovered four stellar halloween date night time options that do not involve hints…just treats!

Halloween date night thoughts for the couple that hates halloween – coming up roses
One picnic outdoor.

Clutch your favored blanket, a snack basket, and a bottle of vino, and hit the exceptional outside (examine: your outdoor or nearby park) for a yummy halloween date night. J and i popped open a pinot noir and brought a hickory farms snack basket stocked with cheese, crackers, fruit, and sausages – essentially, everything you could probably want for a lovable, mild picnic inside the park. All of it comes in a touch basket initially, so no want to pressure approximately a way to carry your items. Those snack baskets are technically known as present baskets, so take into account that michael buble christmas reference up above? Just in case you’ve were given a few people to pass off your listing and check twice…

Halloween date night ideas
These 4 halloween date night thoughts are perfect for the couple who hates halloween!
Four halloween date night thoughts for the couple who hates halloween!

Two bob for apples.
If you’re an apple-bobbing virgin like i used to be, here’s the low down: apples float. Commonly apple-bobbing includes a huge wooden barrel complete of water and apples. In lieu of a big timber barrel, we swapped in a huge bowl and made it work for this halloween date night. Parents take turns sticking their face into the water in an try to snatch a bobbing apple with their tooth. Bobbing for apples is a laugh, seasonally suitable, romantic, and probably pretty hilarious, so bring your excellent sport face, humorousness, and your ambitious bobbing moves! I had never bobbed for apples before, so this was sincerely the 12 months to make it take place. J and i are a aggressive duo, though, so we weren’t against stealing every other’s apples…

Halloween date night thoughts
These 4 halloween date night time thoughts are ideal for the couple who hates halloween!
Three go *nuts* for cheese-y classics!
Remember how i stated i’m no longer halloween’s largest fan? Neither is j, so the two of us are avoid horror movies in any respect expenses. Are you able to inform we’re now not lovers of having spooked? Ha. When you still need to ring in the halloween spirit sans scares, there are some tacky classic films which you’ve gotta upload to the list! Hocus pocus and it’s the splendid pumpkin charlie brown are two greater “current” should-watches, and mad monster party is a throwback from 1967 that have to surely make your list, too. What pairs perfectly with cheese-y films? Cheese. Le duh. This cheddar blend is so easy, creamy, and wealthy; besides being the proper supplement to any cracker or piece of fruit, it melts like a gem, so you can hook yo’selves up with some tacky nachos for film-looking bliss. Additionally, nuts: the anti-popcorn. Don’t get me incorrect – i’m a sucker for popcorn (and wine). However every now and then change is welcome, and hickory farms has a nut series like different. (i ought to pop holiday spice almonds – available on this swell gift set – adore it’s my activity.)
Halloween date night ideas
These four halloween date night thoughts are ideal for the couple who hates halloween!
4 cross on a stroll earlier than wine and chocolate!
At the same time as we’re not about to get dressed up and pass trick-or-treating (however we would if we should!), it’s still a laugh to take within the brisk fall air and walk around sorting out decorations and lovable youngsters’ costumes. Clutch your hunny and take a hike across the community before the ghouls pop out, then head again to prep for any trick-or-treaters at your own casa. The exceptional manner to prep? Wine and chocolate (obvious, right?). Pour yourselves a classic chardonnay and channel forrest gump – since it’s miles halloween! If existence is like this box of sweets, i’ll take the dark chocolate sea salt caramel and be on my merry manner.

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