Halloween Movies on Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime

Night time is remaining in in advance and in advance, and it’s time to get spooky! Yup, it’s october, which essentially means it’s halloween and we will’t wait to twist up on our couches and watch some accurate old school horrifying films. Fortunately for us, netflix, hulu, and amazon all have some preference creepy services, and we’ve accrued them here to your viewing pride. From cult classic slashers to daringly darkish documentaries, we’ve got ’em all. Clutch your candy corn, pull up your creakiest chair, and get started on your nerdoween movie playlist.
Netflix is simply leaning into a more atmospheric form of scare with their choices this 12 months. The clean stand out is julia ducournau’s superb coming of age cannibal movie, uncooked. Persevering with the creepy subject matter, they have the awful submit apocalyptic greatness of the survivalist. Netflix is likewise delivering at the fan faves with cult of chucky, which changed into previewed at fright fest to rave reviews and sees the go back of chucky’s irl daughter, fiona dourif. Emo teens, have a good time, due to the fact netflix is likewise bringing the awful beauty of donnie darko lower back to the display screen this halloween season.

Available now
-ghost patrol
-never permit me go

-the reaping

-13 demons
-cult of chucky

-the survivalist


-center man

-donnie darko

-the babysitter

-perception: the possession of janet moses

-one folks


Hulu is definitely bringing out the big guns with a solid selection of cult classics like cabin fever, ghoulies, and pet semeatary, in addition to a veritable smorgasbord of ’90s/’00s kaiju films for that ideal monster marathon. Hulu is also including some foreign femininity to halloween with alejandro aja’s radical debut, high tension. If you’ve not seen this twisted masterpiece of macabre it must pass directly to the pinnacle of your watchlist. For a fun throwback, make sure you check out robert rodriguez’s teen sci-fi conventional the faculty.

Available now
-6 lifeless souls
-the amityville horror
-asylum of darkness
-blood ransom
-bubba the redneck werewolf
-cabin fear
-cabin fever
-carrie 2: the rage
-the creature below
-curious george: a halloween boo fest
-deliver us from evil
-the satan’s endorse
-the disembodied
-the college
-from dusk till dawn
-ghosts of darkness
-ghoulies ii
-the glass coffin
-godzilla 2000
-godzilla in opposition to mechagodzilla
-godzilla vs. Destroyah
-godzilla vs. King ghidorah
-godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla ii
-godzilla vs. Megaguirus: the g annihilation approach
-godzilla vs. Mothra
-godzilla vs. Spacegodzilla
-godzilla, mothra, and king ghidorah: massive monsters all-out assault
-godzilla: very last wars
-godzilla: tokyo s.O.S.
-halloween h20: two decades later
-high tension
-hostel 2
-invasion of the body snatchers
-little store of horrors
-new 12 months’s evil
-puppy sematary
-scream on the devil
-southwest of salem
-species iii
-teenage ghost punk
-the uninvited
-wes craven offers: dracula 2000
-what lies underneath

-the fog

-blair witch

-phoenix forgotten

Amazon prime
Amazon’s horror pickings are a bit slimmer this yr, however they nevertheless have a few absolute gem stones along with one of the excellent bad movies ever made, texas chainsaw massacre 2. In case you ever desired to watch a comedy slasher film set under a topic park, this one is for you. In addition they have the observe-up to the film that put a technology off camping, blair witch.

To be had now
-deserted mine
-rental 1303
-bunker of the useless

-ghoulies ii
-invasion of the body snatchers
-jug face
-puppy sematary
-pet sematary
-texas chainsaw massacre 2

-blood hunters

-blair witch


-town of ghosts

-awaken the shadowman

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