How to Apply Zombie Makeup – Step by Step Guide

Prepare your face. You’ll need first of all a clean canvas, so use a mild cleanser to get rid of make-up and oils from your pores and skin. Rinse with heat water, then pat (don’t rub) your face dry with a towel. Keep away from setting on moisturizer or sunscreen. Those merchandise might reason latex-based totally make-up to slip off.
Pull your hair returned. If you have long hair or bangs, preserve it from your face whilst you figure. Put it up right into a ponytail, and clip stray hairs out of the way with bobby pins or a headscarf.
In case you’re a man, you may want to shave earlier than applying any make-up or prosthetic. Latex and gelatin can get caught in the hair, making it them quite painful to cast off.
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Apply latex or gelatin to create wounds and gashes (elective). Liquid latex and gelatin are two substances you can use to create honestly cool zombie outcomes – like open wounds, bloody gashes, chunk marks and broken noses. Despite the fact that they could sound intimidating or overly complex to apply, both liquid latex and gelatin are genuinely highly smooth to paintings with. An evidence of how each products work may be discovered in elements three and four of this article.
In case you do decide to paintings with both liquid latex or gelatin, they may need to be applied at this point inside the make-up method, that is, earlier than you begin working with face paints.
But, if you decide those merchandise are too much paintings otherwise you do not have time to discover them, just skip to the subsequent step. You could still create a hideously decayed zombie look with out them!


Apply a base of white face paint or level makeup. The usage of a gentle make-up or stippling sponge, dab the white all over your face. Then combo it in small, light motions till your entire face is included in a skinny layer of make-up. Allow it to dry absolutely.
Create a mottled impact via subtly making use of a 2d coloration over the white. You may go along with gray for an ashen, decayed effect, purple or red for a bruised impact or green and yellow for a gangrenous impact.
Use the great nice face paint you can locate. Cheap, low-first-rate face paint will now not blend properly and is terrible on your skin. Try to get your hands on some high-quality level make up – it could typically be observed in properly gown stores.


Create dark circles round your eyes. Darkish, sunken eyes can help you appearance lifeless, violently injured, sleep-deprived, or all the above!
Outline your lids with dark pencil eyeliner, then smudge it outward. Then use black or brown eyeshadow or face paint to fill within the dark circles underneath the eyes and across the eyelids.
Combo round the rims with red and red paint or shadow to create the phantasm of freshly-bruised pores and skin, or with inexperienced and yellow for an older looking bruise.


Hollow out your cheeks. Zombies are often pretty emaciated looking – right brains can be difficult to come via you know! You could gain this sunken in effect by using sucking for your cheeks and lightly blending some black powder or paint into the hollows. This can spotlight your cheekbones.


Darken your lips. Follow black lipstick or face paint in your lips for a dried-out, dead appearance. Also emphasize the creases round your mouth with some dark, shadowy strains.

Create popping veins and bloody scratches. Use a small paintbrush to color skinny, zig-zagged traces in blues and purples all around the face to create popping veins. Take a dry stippling sponge (or some other coarse sponge) and dip it in red face paint. Draw the sponge lightly over the pores and skin to create a bloody-searching scratch.


End with some faux blood. You can purchase fake blood at maximum costume shops, or you could make your very own non-poisonous version definitely by means of adding a few red meals coloring to corn syrup. For all of the fake blood you may ever need, mix one cup of corn syrup with one or two tablespoons of pink food coloring. For darker, extra sensible searching, you may additionally add one or drops of blue food coloring.
Apply the blood for your hairline and let it drip down your face, or cup some blood on your hand and dip your mouth in to make it appear to be you just fed!
Use a toothbrush for blood spatter. Placed some fake blood onto a toothbrush, aim the bristles at your face, and run your finger over the bristles from bottom to top.
Create a dripping blood effect. Dip a sponge into the fake blood and squeeze it over your pores and skin. The blood must run right into a natural-searching drizzle.

Finishing the zombie effect
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Put on creepy zombie contact lenses. Zombie contact lenses – which might be normally very faded blue or white – can surely up the scare-issue of your costume. Discover such touch lenses online or at costume stores.
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Get greasy zombie hair. The undead aren’t in particular involved with personal hygiene, so washing their hair isn’t a priority. In case you want your locks to appearance limp and useless, rub a generous quantity of conditioner thru them. You could try this before or after you follow your makeup.
You can also make your hair look messy and unkempt (for that “just out-of-the-coffin” appearance) by using teasing or backcombing the hair the use of a small comb. Spritz with hairspray to preserve in area.
Sprinkle toddler powder into your roots to reap a graying, ashen impact.


Stain your teeth. Just like the relaxation in their bodies, zombies’ teeth are usually rotting and decayed. Of route, it is viable to buy fake enamel on the dress keep, but those may be awkward or uncomfortable to wear and save you you from speaking or ingesting well. Overcome this trouble via (briefly) staining your tooth using water blended with a little brown meals coloring.
Swish the aggregate around your mouth and between your teeth, then spit out. As an alternative, you may use red food coloring for a bloody impact!
When you’re executed, brush your enamel with a little baking soda to put off the stains and restore your teeth to their original colour.
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Create the costume. Perfect zombie make-up have to be complemented by an authentic-looking zombie dress. To create a traditional zombie costume, get some old get dressed garments (second-hand stores are awesome for this) and do anything you can to rip and dirty them. Cross at them with a scissors, roll them in the dust, give them to the dog to chunk on – the scruffier they become looking, the higher.
Create bullet holes for your apparel via making round marks with black permanent marker, then dribble or splatter fake blood around the edges.
The remarkable component approximately zombie makeup is that you could put on it with any gown to immediately zombify it. Use your creativity to provide you with a zombie model of anything uninteresting halloween dress you had been originally taking into account — come to be a zombie ballerina, a zombie traveller or a zombie pirate!
The usage of liquid latex
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Purchase liquid latex. Liquid latex is good for attaining a generally deathly appearance, in addition to building up wounds or other facial deformities.
You need to be capable of locate it at seasonal halloween deliver shops, or at beauty deliver chains.
Choose a colour that appears as it should be faded and decaying.

Use the “stretch and stipple” technique. Stretching out your pores and skin as you practice latex ensures that you may not have any accidental clean patches. Additionally, it will leave you with a few decidedly creepy wrinkling while the latex dries.
Lightly unfold or stretch the area of pores and skin you are painting. It is satisfactory to do that technique one region at a time (i.E., forehead, one cheek, chin, and so forth.).
The use of a easy paintbrush or make-up sponge, follow a thin layer of liquid latex to the region in small stippling motions. Hold your strokes mild and short.

Build up deformities or wound web sites. You could use those techniques to make the face appearance misshapen, or lay the foundation for a scabbing “wound.”
Observe any other layer of latex to “build” your make up. Developing light layers of latex, as opposed to smearing on thick amounts, creates even coverage with minimum clumping.
Mix a little bit of raw oatmeal with the latex, then observe in a single or small areas at the face. That is splendid for a gangrenous or scabby appearance.
Placed single-ply tissue between latex layers. Get a bit of bathroom paper, and separate the sheets so that you have a unmarried ply. Rip the rims until you’ve got the shape and length you want. Maintain it over an area with a base latex layer already underneath it, and paint some other layer over it. It’s going to help cover the smoothness of your pores and skin with a rotting texture.
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Placed wounds or scabs into latex. By using selectively ripping parts of the liquid latex, you could positioned wide gashes or small lacerations into your new skin.
Use scissors. You ought to cautiously snip the latex till you create the wound you want. Be cautious now not to nick your pores and skin!
Use a toothpick. Absolutely stick it into the liquid latex and drag it through for a gaping wound.

Fill your wounds with blood. Dip a easy paintbrush or makeup sponge into faux blood, and lightly dab it into your gashes or over your oatmeal quantities.
Using gelatin
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Make gelatin some hours before. For the right consistency, use about 1/three cup (80ml) of water in line with packet of gelatin.
Shade the gelatin. Use a few drops of meals coloring for an unnatural tone, or upload a bit of liquid foundation in a tone near your skin for a flesh-like look.
Cut the gelatin into cubes. Store it in a bowl or resealable plastic bag.
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Lightly heat the gelatin. In case you heat it to boiling, you may spoil down the shape of the gelatin. Placed it in a bowl within the microwave and heat in 10-2d periods, till the cubes have softened and come to be slightly gooey.

Follow the gelatin to your face to create raised wounds. The use of a popsicle stick or tongue depressor, glop the gelatin onto the place. As it begins to dry and re-harden, use the stick to drag up small, stretchy threads — this will create extra texture around the wound.

Permit the gelatin to harden and dry. In case you’re nevertheless using a makeup sponge on other components of your face, be cautious to influence clean of the gelatin regions.

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